Heaven is a cold beer

With all the talk about the Rapture recently, I have been thinking about what Heaven might be like.  After an unexpected night celebrating our survival of the Rapture on Saturday evening that included the consumption of beer (and the expected effects the next morning), I remembered a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a friend of mine that in Heaven beer would have no calories and would not cause hangovers.  This, of course, led to further contemplation on my part about what may or may not* be waiting for me on the other side.

Since I have already mentioned beer, I’ll go ahead and continue on that thread.  First, and most importantly, as I have already mentioned, beer will be calorie-free.  It will also not cause hangovers.  The best part?  In Heaven water will be beer.  This all stems from the conversation I had with my friend after I realized that, though I love beer, even just a little of it does not love me.

As long as we’re going to have calorie-free beer in Heaven, why not have calorie-free food?  All food in Heaven will be calorie-free.  Everything.  Ice cream?  Zero calories.  Chocolate mousse?  Good for you.  Creamy pasta with bacon and sausage?  Indulge all you want.  Fried chicken?  Call the colonel.  In Heaven you can eat as much as you want and it doesn’t matter.  I sometimes live like that here on Earth, but I have to suffer the consequences (either a larger pants size or time working out), but not so in Heaven.

In Heaven there will be no wanting.  No wanting for food.  No wanting for water.  No wanting for peace.  No wanting for a roof over your head.  No wanting for an end to a war that seems to have gone on forever and to have lost meaning.  No wanting for loved ones to come home.  No wanting for justice after a senseless act of violence.  No wanting for acceptance.  No wanting for a job.  No wanting for a little more time.  No wanting for help.  Everyone will have exactly what they need.  No one will live to excess.  Life will be lived in harmony.

I see Heaven as being a lot like Earth, but without the struggles we face here.  No fluffy clouds, unless you want a fluffy cloud chair.  Then you can have one.  In Heaven, you can have whatever you can dream, as long as it doesn’t do harm to you or to others.  People will still have jobs, but not to make money, because money leads to evil and there will be no money in Heaven.  The jobs will be for “fun” and mostly entrepreneurial.  Shopkeepers, photographers, restauranteurs, etc.  There will also be teachers to teach the children and professors to teach the adults.  But just because they want to learn.  Not because they have to.  But, again, this is just my view of Heaven.

And lastly, waiting for us in Heaven will be all of the loved ones and friends that left this life before we did.  I personally am most excited for that aspect of Heaven.  I can’t wait to sit down with my grandfather and my friend Nicole and have a calorie-free water-beer and catch up on everything that will have happened in my life; however long that ends up being.

*I am a proud Agnostic girl, as evidenced by the Religious Views section of my Facebook profile.  This may affect where I end up at the end of my natural life.


Nueva York

I’m conflicted.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.  I guess I’ve failed brilliantly at the post a week challenge.  Go me.

I feel at once at peace and at the same time the most conflicted I’ve felt in a long time.

I’m sitting at the counter at Joe’s parent’s house, after enjoying a nice meal I  cooked for the family, and I feel content, yet still like there’s something wrong.  I don’t know what it is, really.  I know it gets worse at certain times.  I know there are times when I read a certain blog, for example, that I will feel worse about the way my day is going or how my life is panning out.  I knew, earlier today, when I looked at my grades that it would make that part of the day suck just a little bit.

And then we would get to do the days’ errands in Joe’s mom’s new Camaro convertible.  A 6-speed manual transmission.  That I would get to drive because I drove a manual for 5 years and have way more experience behind the wheel than Joe.  And that made me happy.  That’s how my life has been lately.  A quick up-and-down of happy and sad.


I emailed someone not too long ago with a problem I was experiencing because I knew this person had dealt with a similar problem and might be able to  help me.  Thankfully, they got back to me right away with suggestions that I found very helpful and I was able to put some of them into action right away.  When I replied to this person thanking them for their help and letting them know that I had followed through and what I had done and even opened up in a way that I rarely do, even to Joe, I got nothing back.  Nothing.

I know this person is busy.  I know this person has enough on their mind without worrying about my life and my problems, but all I needed at the time was just a reply along the lines of “It will be OK.”  Even if they didn’t believe it at the time, I would have.  I was at that point.


I don’t know why I’m writing now.  I should be enjoying what’s left of my vacation.  Listing to Max chew loudly on his bone in his crate and join Joe in the chair in the next room and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, dammit.

Viva, New York!

I’m Marching for Babies!

Won’t you join me?

On Saturday, May 7th at the Monon Center at noon in Carmel, I, along with hundreds of other people from Hamilton and Boone counties, will March for Babies with the March of Dimes.

It’s a 2-mile walk to help raise money to support programs that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies.  The March of Dimes also gives families with babies that spend time in neonatal intensive care after they are born both  financial and emotional support.

How does your support help these babies?  I’ll let this picture show you instead of telling you, because he is way cuter than my words could ever be:

If you can’t join me at the walk, won’t you please consider donating at my page here?  You can share my link with your friends and family, too.  In fact, I encourage it!  It’s http://www.marchforbabies.org/kjkillian

How migraines cause hair loss (in my experience)

I got my hair cut yesterday.

Maybe for many of you that isn’t blog post worthy, but my hairdresser, Janne, is the best out there. For reals, ya’ll. If you’re in the Brownsburg area, you need to look her up.  Heck, even if you aren’t. look her up.  I live in Carmel and I make the drive to see her.  She’s that good.  The scalp massages alone are worth the drive.  The amazing cuts, colors, and chats are all just bonus.

Never mind the fact she pointed out my first grey hair the last time I was there.

I still say it was just very blonde.

And no one else has admitted to seeing it so I think she was just seeing things that day.

It’s OK, Janne, I forgive you.

Yesterday’s trip was slightly on the depressing side, however.  While discussing what to do with my hair (I’m in the midst of the re-growth phase after donating my hair last year) we both noticed that it’s looking a little thin in front.


I can’t be losing my hair!  I’m the one with the thick hair!  The one you have to book extra time for because it takes so long to blow dry!  I’m only 30 years old and I’m a GIRL!

Wait.  Maybe it’s due to that damn medication I was taking.  The one that caused all those other problems I was having.  You know, the weight gain, the dry mouth, the high blood pressure, the palpitations, the this, the that, the other thing.

For the first time in my life, I couldn’t get out of that chair fast enough to call the hospital to see if my old migraine medication caused hair loss.

Sure enough, one of the most common dermatologic side effects?


Damn you, nortriptyline.

One little word

I saw this giveaway today over at Lisa Leonard’s blog and I fell immediately in love.

I love how the couple in the photo used the banner as a prop in their photo shoot.  I think it would be an amazing addition to a wedding in both the ceremony and  photos and then to hang in the home afterwards.

You can get the banner customized to say whatever you want, and pick your own custom ribbon color.  Maybe it’s because I’m so glad spring is here and the shining sun has made me so happy, but I think I would choose the word “happy”.  Or maybe “spring”.  Maybe not.  I’d like something I could hang all year round.

I’d definitely have to think on this one.

What word would you choose?

Exploring my (raised) bed options

I’m going to build a couple of raised-bed gardens this year.  I’m really excited about having fresh veggies to cook with this summer, but first things first; I have to actually build the gardens.

I’ve looked around online and found a few tutorials and most have recommended using cedar because its hardy and will stand up reasonably well to the elements (of which we have plenty here in central Indiana).  Unfortunately, cedar is also extremely expensive.  One of Joe’s coworkers, who is supposedly a master gardener, suggests using pretreated wood, but from what I’ve read, using pretreated wood can be bad for raised-bed gardens because, well, all that stuff they use to treat the wood can get into the food and then into you.  And, that’s just icky.

Has anyone built a raised-bed garden?  What did you use?  Did you build it yourself or did you buy a kit?  I’d love to hear your input!

Money, money, money

Joe and I joined the world of the grownup today.  We opened joint checking and savings accounts.

I know.  It’s for real now.

We figured it would make the whole “Who’s going to pay this bill?” discussion easier.  If we both put a predetermined amount of money in the account each month and pay the bills from that account, we’re both paying the bills.  Pretty easy, right?

You would think.  We both still have to have our individual checking accounts.  We have our own insurance payments we need to pay.  Car payments need to be kept separately for the time being (mine will be paid off in June!  Hallelujah!!  That trip is it’s own story.  A long one with many twists and turns on its road).  I still have some utility payments for the apartment my mom lives in that I need to pay.  There’s no need for those payments to come out of the joint account.  That’s not fair to Joe.  For the time being, Joe pays the mortgage on the house, which will come out of his checking account.  All of this will change in October, when the lease on that apartment is up, but I think we’ve come up with a heck of a plan for between now and then.

We’ve even set it up so that anything left over after all the bills are paid will be transferred to the savings account at the end of the month.  Amazing Australian vacation, here we come!

Who knew all this money stuff could be so fun?