College? Yeah, I did that.

Well, I finally did it.  I am a college graduate.

It feels a little anticlimactic since I’m not walking in a graduation ceremony and I don’t have a diploma yet.  And I won’t get a diploma for, I don’t know, 6 months or something like that.  And I don’t have a job.  Or any offers.  So basically I’m kind of the worst student ever.  Or a typical college grad these days.  I think I’ll go with that one. It sounds better.

I wonder when it will set in that I’m done with school.  When the semester starts again and I don’t go back?  When I have an accounting job?  When my diploma comes in the mail?  When I have to start paying back those student loans?

Either way, whether I believe it right now or not, I never have to step foot in a classroom again if I don’t want to.  And, I can finally say that I feel good about that.  Because I went back after seven years and finished my degree after person after person told me it wouldn’t happen.  It did.

It just took a little longer than I thought.


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