Exploring my (raised) bed options

I’m going to build a couple of raised-bed gardens this year.  I’m really excited about having fresh veggies to cook with this summer, but first things first; I have to actually build the gardens.

I’ve looked around online and found a few tutorials and most have recommended using cedar because its hardy and will stand up reasonably well to the elements (of which we have plenty here in central Indiana).  Unfortunately, cedar is also extremely expensive.  One of Joe’s coworkers, who is supposedly a master gardener, suggests using pretreated wood, but from what I’ve read, using pretreated wood can be bad for raised-bed gardens because, well, all that stuff they use to treat the wood can get into the food and then into you.  And, that’s just icky.

Has anyone built a raised-bed garden?  What did you use?  Did you build it yourself or did you buy a kit?  I’d love to hear your input!


3 thoughts on “Exploring my (raised) bed options

  1. Obviously, I’ve never built a raised garden. Everyone’s first choice is cedar, but organic gardening at about.com suggested a composite lumber. Organic Gardening magazine suggested stone or brick.

  2. Stone or brick might work best because they’re both hardy and will last for years to come. I was worried about the wood because it might not last from this year to next, let alone a couple of years down the road and then we’d have to replace it. I’ll have to look into those.

  3. I live downtown and have a few tiny yard. Many of our neighbors have done raised beds with great success.

    We do a vertical garden to conserve space, which has worked for us for a few years now.

    Good luck! Backyard gardens are so fun and also very rewarding.

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