Money, money, money

Joe and I joined the world of the grownup today.  We opened joint checking and savings accounts.

I know.  It’s for real now.

We figured it would make the whole “Who’s going to pay this bill?” discussion easier.  If we both put a predetermined amount of money in the account each month and pay the bills from that account, we’re both paying the bills.  Pretty easy, right?

You would think.  We both still have to have our individual checking accounts.  We have our own insurance payments we need to pay.  Car payments need to be kept separately for the time being (mine will be paid off in June!  Hallelujah!!  That trip is it’s own story.  A long one with many twists and turns on its road).  I still have some utility payments for the apartment my mom lives in that I need to pay.  There’s no need for those payments to come out of the joint account.  That’s not fair to Joe.  For the time being, Joe pays the mortgage on the house, which will come out of his checking account.  All of this will change in October, when the lease on that apartment is up, but I think we’ve come up with a heck of a plan for between now and then.

We’ve even set it up so that anything left over after all the bills are paid will be transferred to the savings account at the end of the month.  Amazing Australian vacation, here we come!

Who knew all this money stuff could be so fun?


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