It’s a party!

A refresh your room party, that is!

I chose to refresh our guest bathroom.  There was a little change I’ve been wanting to make for a while and I figured this was the perfect time to take advantage of the situation and go for it.

A few months back (OK, maybe it was back in October), I bought these cute mirrors at a local shop with the intention of hanging them in our guest bathroom to change it up a bit.  When I was at the store, I forgot about the bar hanging above the toilet and when I got home and found the bar hanging there, it discouraged me enough that I just left the mirrors sitting on the bathroom counter and walked away.  Since we never use this bathroom and hardly ever even walk by it, I forgot about them until this refresh your room party was mentioned on another blog.

This was the ugly silver towel bar hanging over our toilet.  Not such a bad thing, really, but this bathroom that hardly ever gets used had three of these bars on the walls.

 I hate this towel bar!

Being the oh-so-crafty girl I am, I had to take a picture of the towel rod and send it to my friend to figure out how to take it down.  I had searched all over and didn’t see a single screw or nail or anything and was utterly perplexed about it.  Of course, as soon as as I sent the picture to my friend I found the two teeny tiny screws right under the part that comes out from the wall. 

I got the little screws out, took the bar off the wall, removed the brackets and found that on one side of the rod they had used drywall anchors, while the other end was anchor-free.  This was more annoying than anything else, but since I have plans to repaint the bathroom eventually, and my current room refreshing involves hanging new things on the wall, I decided to hide the blemishes instead of patching them right now.

How annoying!

After I (finally) got the offending towel rod off the wall and the drywall anchors out, hanging the pretty, little mirrors was the fun, easy part.

I love that the mirrors are shaped like little hand held mirrors.  That’s what made me fall in love with them!  The one on the left completely covers the drywall anchor holes and the shower curtain (which will be replaced when the bathroom gets painted!) is temporarily covering the other two holes.  I notice now that the shower curtain hangs much more nicely without that towel rod there, too.  Love how just a one little change makes a big difference!

After hanging the mirrors, I thought the room just needed a little something extra, and on a trip to Hobby Lobby I found these adorable (and unbreakable!) candle holders.  They were just the thing the room needed.  I could place them on the back of the toilet and not worry about the cat breaking them if they happened to get knocked down.  Love!

Kitty Kitty

I think the kitty approves.

Disclaimer: This post was supposed to be completed on March 7th.  Life, health, school, internet, and blog issues all consipired and got in the way of this happening on time.  Please forgive me! 🙂


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