I survived Day 1

Joe and I started P90X yesterday, even though we didn’t (and still don’t) have all of the “extras” – recovery drink, resistance bands, pull-up bar – that are needed to get the most out of your workout.  The recovery drink mix came today (yay!) and the other two are expected tomorrow.  I don’t know if I’m excited or not.  It means harder workouts and more pain!

Speaking of pain, my first day of P90X wasn’t as bad as I thought, for one reason: my wrists hurt so bad from all of the pushups that I couldn’t do all of the pushups!  I really need to get some pushup bars to take some of that strain off my wrists.  Joe didn’t have that problem, so he’s hurting a bit more today than I am.  That doesn’t mean I’m not sore, though!  I’m definitely feeling my workout from yesterday morning.

I decided not to follow the P90X diet.  It consists of a lot of protein and, since I’m not trying to bulk up, I don’t really need all of that protein.  I can make more meat for Joe if he decides he needs it (I don’t think he’ll complain – that boy loves his meat!), and I’ll just eat more fruits and veggies if I decide I’m still hungry.

Since I’m not following the recommended diet, a good friend of mine who’s a dietician agreed to help me out with a sensible meal plan and recipes.  She even sent me beautiful, laminated recipe cards that are easy to read so I can keep them next to me in the kitchen!  Thanks to her, I’ve already had waffles with Canadian bacon, eggs, and cheddar cheese; delicious tortilla soup; and tonight we’re having grilled cheese with apples and bacon.  I love that all of the recipes are around 350 to 400 calories a serving and Joe loves that they are absolutely delicious.  Later this week we’re having homemade chicken pot pies for dinner and raspberry pancakes for breakfast.  I’m eating better now than I did before!

I was worried that I would still be a little hungry since I’m not eating as much protein and I’m burning a TON of calories, but the new medication my doctor put me on has taken care of that.  It keeps me in a near constant state of slight nausea.  Not bad enough that it derails me, but just enough that unless I’m really hungry, I don’t really want to eat anything.  I’m really hoping this is one of those side effects that lessens with time; kind of like the crazy palpitations (nothing like having your heart racing along at 173 beats a minute to make you feel alive!) I had with the old medication did.  Of course, it will probably start to go away just in time for me to up the dosage.  Isn’t that the way it always works?

Today was busy with studying (soooo can’t wait to be done with school.  It can’t be done soon enough!) and life, so I’ll be doing the Plyometrics workout when I get done with class tonight.

I’m ready to melt some calories!


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