What have I gotten myself into?

After my breakdown last week, I decided to take action.  Serious action.  The kind of action that will actually make me want to do what I have set out to do.

I laid out over $200 for a fitness system.

Spending money on something always makes me want to go through with it.  Especially when it’s as significant an amount as I spent on this.  This is the same reason why I used to pay for my Pilates classes in advance.

Starting this coming Monday, February 28th, I will be doing P90X.  If you’ve heard of P90X, you know that it is intense.  Crazy intense.  90 days of workouts.  60-90 minutes a day.  A strict meal program to guide you on your way to losing weight, gaining strength, and finding the real you.

When I signed up on the P90X website, I was assigned a coach to help me find the physical, emotional, and psychological strength I’m going to need to get through the program.  Luckily, she is someone I already follow on twitter so I’m super excited!  Between Karen and Joe (who has agreed to do the program with me.  Even the meal plan part!  I don’t think he knows what he’s getting himself into), I really think I can do this and that it will make a positive difference in my health and body image.

Oh!  And the best part?  There are two other girls at work that are starting around the same time I am.  One started this past Monday and the other will start Friday.  We are going to challenge each other by keeping track of our percentage of weight lost, and help each other stick to the meal plans when everyone else is snacking on the candy, cookies, cake and other goodies that always find their way into our break room.

I have to be honest.  I know the workouts are going to kick. my. arse. but I’m mostly worried about the meal plan.  It does include things like frozen yogurt (as a snack), but it does not include cake.  Or cookies.  Or candy.  Or any of the things I love to eat.  90 days of not being able to eat the things I crave.  I’m not sure I can do it.

My birthday falls almost smack dab in the middle of this time frame.  I don’t care if the P90X police hunt me down and put me in P90X jail, I am having cake and ice cream and alcohol and whatever else I damn well please on my birthday.

The P90X police can kiss it.


1 thought on “What have I gotten myself into?

  1. I will also be starting my second round of P90x Classic on the 28th. “Bring It”! You will do great. It’s a great program and once you start you won’t want to stop! I too am going to eat cake and lot’s of ice cream… My birthday is actually on the 28th so I will be celebrating and hopefully the P90x police won’t visit me either 🙂 ~Take Care…

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