Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day


Today is Valentine’s Day.  Either loved or hated, anticipated or dreaded, the day has come.

Whether you have a sweetheart in your life or not, use this day to let everyone close to you know you love them. Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult for some, for various reasons.


Every single person has, at some point in their life, felt down, depressed, unloved, or unvalued. Valentine’s Day can magnify those feelings. Please, everyone, use today as an excuse to show the people you care about how you feel about them.


And most important of all; remember that Valentine’s Day really is just another day.   Why not share your love with your friends and family every single day?

It will brighten their day and leave you feeling amazing.


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I have always believed that Valentines Day is just another day that you can find love somewhere. Maybe not in a significant other, and maybe not even if yourself. But there is love somewhere, right? FIND IT.

    • Exactly. I spent all of high school and much of my 20s worrying about being single on Valentine’s Day and getting depressed and/or angry. Then I realized it is just another day. Why should I let that one day be more important than any other day of the year? So now I try to spread the love whenever I can with little meaningful things.

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