Let it snow, let it snow, let it sn…. Ehh, forget it

I don’t know if you know this about me or not, but I hate winter.  I hate everything about winter.  I hate cold weather.  I hate being all bundled up.  I hate snow.  I especially hate ice.

Indiana has not been kind to me this past week.

Monday AND Tuesday we had a major ice storm that pretty much shut down the city.

Today I wake up to about 4″ of snow falling.

I blame this snow for my forgetting my pin number for my debit card this morning.  After I used said debit card last night to purchase something.  Monday through Friday this wouldn’t be a big deal.  Call customer service at my bank and they reset it for me.  Woohoo.

On a Saturday?  Just after noon?

Not so easy.

Joe and I had to make a little trip to Bloomington today.  See, my bank is this little institution based out of that charming little college town.  In this charming little town there is one, yes one, branch of my bank open past noon on a Saturday.  It is in a grocery store.  Could they help me over the phone?  Of course not.  I had to be down there to speak with a manager in person.

And we had to make this drive through a bunch of new snow.

Even my gotta-have-it-every-time-I-go-to-Bloomington chocolate malt from Jiffy Treet didn’t make me feel better about the situation.

Campus really is beautiful under new-fallen snow, though.


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