Lisa Leonard’s {Valentine’s Day} Giveaway

While perusing my reader this morning, I came across a post from Lisa Leonard that said she was having a giveaway this weekend.  A $50 gift card to her shop.   This immediately caught my eye because she has the cutest, sweetest handmade jewelry.

Not long ago I made my first purchase from Lisa’s shop.  I bought this necklace because I really love that poem.  At least the first verse, since it’s all I’ve ever really read.


is the thing with feathers

that perches in the soul.

and sings the tune

without the words

and never stops at all.

emily dickinson

I’m not a religious person.  Far from it.  But I am spiritual and this poem gives me hope.  Just like it says.

My next purchase from Lisa’s shop might be the word of the year necklace.  I’ve chosen my word.  I will tell you about it soon.  I love the necklace and know that it will serve as a reminder every time I wear it.

Or maybe one of the many other things on her site that I love.  I really can’t choose just one.  If you know me, you know I love silver jewelry.  Don’t give me gold or bronze (white gold and platinum are OK, though!); I’m a silver girl all the way.

Head on over to Lisa’s site and enter to win one of two gift cards that will be given away!

And don’t forget to check out my virtual soup swap post for a great soup recipe!



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