Mended Hearts Indy and Thirty-One

My good friend Nichole and her husband Aaron have been helping rescue and foster animals since they adopted a handicapped pit bull from the Escondido Humane Society in 2006.  Joe (the pit bull, not to be confused with Joe, the boyfriend) stole their hearts and sparked a love affair with rescuing all kinds of animals from unhealthy situations.  Not long ago, Nichole and Aaron founded Mended Hearts Indy, a non-profit animal welfare organization that they run out of their home.  Having their own rescue has been a dream for these two for a long time and it has finally come to fruition!  But, as we all know, taking care of any animal comes at a price, especially when you are rescuing animals that are emaciated or need medical attention.

That’s where Thirty-One comes in.

Mended Hearts Indy is having a Thirty-One fundraiser to raise money that will aid in the care of the animals.  I first heard of Thirty-One shortly before Christmas when they were having a sale in the hospital where I work.  Their mission is to celebrate, encourage and reward women through offering quality products and an outstanding opportunity to become  successful business owners. I was drawn in by the brightly colored bags, totes, baskets, and purses that were arranged on the tables.  I went over to look, expecting to hear that these bags were WAY out of my price range, but they are all so affordable!  You’ll have to see it to believe it.

The items being sold that will benefit Mended Hearts Indy are the Thermal Tote for $18 and the Small Lunch Tote for $14, including local (Indianapolis and surrounding areas) delivery.  If you are outside of Indianapolis, there is a small $4 shipping fee.

This is just a small sample of the bags that are available.  The other fabric options are below.

You can also get your thermal tote or lunch bag personalized with your choice of intials, words, or phrases for only $6.  Only $6 for all of the characters you want!  The full details about personalization are available here and here is a quick guide for your viewing pleasure:

If you are interested in purchasing either of these items. please contact me at or Nichole at by January 23.  I know it’s pretty short notice, but these totes are so amazing I just had to share the news with everyone!

Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested.  Let’s help feed and shelter as many animals as we can with this campaign!


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