Happy Anniversary!

As you may have gathered from my last post, yesterday was my one year anniversary with Joe.

I know, right?  Oooh.  A whole year!  Well, you’ve got to start somewhere.

We celebrated by taking down our Christmas tree and playing computer games.  Ok, ok.  So that’s not entirely true.  I took down all of the Christmas decorations (except the tree.  I couldn’t get the stupid thing apart) and Joe played computer games.  After a long night of not really celebrating New Year’s Eve, it was all we had the energy for.  We’re total party animals.  I would have slept through New Year’s if Joe hadn’t made me wake up at 11:30.

Earlier in the week, Joe had given me the choice of either a nice dinner out or paying for half of the wine rack I’ve been coveting at Pier 1 to celebrate our big day.  It was a heck of a decision and I really could not choose!  I thought and agonized over it all week.

Yesterday, while cleaning the kitchen, I decided I wanted a nice dinner out.  I think it was pure laziness on my part that made me make that choice.  After doing the dishes and loading the dishwasher once, I was not in the mood to do it again after another meal.  Joe consulted our list of must-visit restaurants on the fridge and chose Fogo de Chao.  Being the carnivore that I am, I jumped on it.

When we got to the restaurant I immediately decided that I would gorge myself on all of the goodies on the salad bar.  Four delicious fresh cheeses (the Parmesan was just a huge wheel with a section cut out to sprinkle the bits on your salad!), prosciutto, salami….  More a delicious starters menu than a salad bar, really.  After seeing the “menu”, or list of meats that would be randomly brought to our table, I figured filling up on the salad bar might be a bad idea.  When they told us the sides that would be accompanying our meal — fried bananas, fried polenta, and garlic mashed potatoes — I started questioning my ability to even try all of the foods I wanted to.

This place comes with one hell of a price tag, but believe me, it is worth every penny.

On our way to the salad bar, Joe ran into the couple that own the small company he works for.  They were seated in the same small room we were.  How crazy is that?  On the one day we would ever decide to eat out at such a place (we rarely go out for dinner at all, let alone at a restaurant that would cost me a good portion of my paycheck), we would choose the same restaurant as the people Joe works for, get seated in the same small room, at the same time, as these two.  I was introduced to the couple and we exchanged some small talk, then we made our way to the salad bar.

After stuffing my mouth with all of the cheese and meat I could stand, I decided it was time for dessert.  Duh.  It only makes sense that I try to fill my tummy with sweets after such a meal.  I ordered the chocolate molten lava cake ( to DIE for!) and when it came to the table it had “Happy Anniversary” spelled out in raspberry puree on the rim of the plate.  I looked at Joe and asked if he had told them.  His response was something along the lines of, “I thought you must have done it.”  When the waitress next came our way, we asked her about it.  She basically told us that they had overheard us talking to Joe’s boss and decided to comp our dessert.  We were incredibly surprised!  I would have paid an unreasonable amount for that cake, though.  They wouldn’t have needed to comp it.  It was that good.

Finally, after we had stuffed ourselves to the gills and couldn’t possibly fit another morsel of food or drop of beer in our tummies, it was time for the bill to come.  When the waitress came to our table, instead of the bill she had a business card in her hands.  She thanked us for sharing our special occasion with them and said that our dinner had been taken care of.  She put the business card on the table.  It was one of Joe’s boss’ business cards.  The back of the card said “Happy Anniversary”.

We sat in absolute shock at the table for a good ten minutes after the waitress left.  Did that really just happen?  Did these people that I had never met just do that?  Does that even really happen in real life?

Needless to say, we stopped on our way home and picked up one hell of a thank you card for Joe to take to work tomorrow.


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