And on the fifth night…

A couple of weeks ago my sister was telling me about a recent trip she made to our hometown to go to a baby shower for one of her childhood friends.  She stayed at my grandma’s house for the first time since we were all there in April for my grandpa’s funeral.  I haven’t even been back to their house yet.  I can’t imagine how empty it would feel to me.  When it was time for dinner, my grandma told my sister they would just go down to the basement to get a TV dinner since that’s all she’s really been eating since we lost my grandpa.

When my sister told me that, it made me more sad than I would have expected.  My grandparents’ house was always filled with the smells of whatever my grandma was making that day.  You never left hungry.  Like most houses, life revolved around the kitchen and my grandma was always willing to make you a plate.  Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond reminds me of my grandma, without the nosiness and the constant jibes.

Since my grandma is going to be at my dad’s this weekend for Christmas, my sister and I decided that we would each make five dinners that we could send home with her.  She needs home cooked food, and we are in a place where we can actually do that for her.  I have four dinners planned out for her.  Things I remember from my childhood and things that are new to me.  Comfort foods.  Foods that can easily be prepared ahead of time, frozen and reheated and will still taste amazing.

The sauce will be making it’s debut this weekend at my grandma’s house.  La Porte will never know what hit it.

I don’t want to go into too much detail here because I know people in my family read this and I still want it to be somewhat of a surprise, but I am in desperate need of a fifth meal to give to my grandma.  I know I’ve eaten more than four things in my life, but between what I’m making and what my sister is making, I can’t come up with an original idea to save my soul.

Do you have go-to meals that can easily be frozen and reheated?  I’d love to hear your suggestions.  I’m starting to get desperate.  I only have four days to shop for, cook, and freeze five meals!


Speaking of which, I’m not sure I can fit five meals in my tiny freezer.

This could get interesting.


3 thoughts on “And on the fifth night…

  1. I’ve got one! My mom makes a dish that is good and portions out easily. It’s little hamburger patties that kind of taste like mini-meatloves that are cooked in a tomato sauce. It’s fast, easy & tasty! I have the recipe at home. I can send it to you tonight if you think it would fit your plan!

  2. This is actually Guy’s recipe, but it’s better than mine 🙂


    1½ pounds ground chuck
    5-6 slices bread
    2-3 handfulls romano cheese
    salt and pepper to taste
    3 eggs
    ½ cup canola oil
    cocktail sauce or ketchup
    bbq sauce
    hot sauce

    Preheat oven to 350°
    Pulse bread into crumbs in food processor. Combine all ingredients in bowl. When thoroughly combined, place in loaf pan. Cover top with ketchup and brown sugar. Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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