Picture this:

You get home from a long day of working, doing laundry, shuttling the kids back and forth from school and whatever extracurricular activity it is they’re in this month, picking up the groceries, waiting in line to ship those Christmas packages to your family in Tuscaloosa, and buying those last-minute gifts that always seem to creep up on you.  You go to the mailbox, hoping your credit card bill hasn’t shown up yet, and there is a big bunch of bright, festive envelopes hiding toward the back.  Hooray!  Christmas cards!  The one fun thing that comes in the mail at this time of year!

You rush inside, tear into the envelopes, and….

See the same Christmas cards you bought this year to send out staring right back at you.

Has this ever happened to you?  It’s happened to me.  That’s what you get when you shop at the big box stores that all sell the same, boring cards.

How can you keep this from happening?  Create your own Christmas cards at Shutterfly!

Here is the Christmas photo card I designed for this year:

Joe and I at the AFC Championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Three weeks into our relationship and his Jets and my Colts played each other to see which team was going to make it to the Big Game.  It was a little tough, that early in the relationship, but we made it through.

I picked one of the folded cards, but they have the stationery Christmas cards, too.  In more designs than I can even count!  Seriously, it’s crazy how many different choices they have.  You’re bound to find one that suits your style.

But Shutterfly doesn’t stop at Christmas cards.  They have all kinds of gifts you can personalize.  I decided to play around with one of the desk calendars and put together a few months to see what it looked like.  I think it turned out pretty well:

You can add any caption you want to make it uniquely yours
And change the layout to add multiple photos

This calendar is the photo gallery style.  I also designed a calendar with a Flower Market motif.  I really like this one:

I could play around on the Shutterfly site for hours!

These desk calendars make great Christmas gifts for moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles…  You name it!  They even have a Year of Quotes design Joe said he would display on his desk at work.  He might wake up to one of these on Christmas Day.  But don’t tell him.  It’s a secret!

After I designed the Christmas photo card and the calendars I went a little crazy.  I won’t bore you with all the pictures, but here’s a birthday card I wish I had given Joe for his birthday this year.

Unfortunately, I totally procrastinated and had to buy his card last-minute at the dreaded big box store.

Don’t be like me!  Think of Shutterfly for all of your special occasions.  They have everything from wedding announcements to birth announcements to Photobooks.

Go.  Design.  And show me your favorites.  I want to see what you all come up with!



*Disclosure: For my review of Shutterfly’s Christmas 2010 collection, I will be provided with 50 holiday cards.  My opinions are my own.


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