OK.  I like to think that I am fairly computer savvy.  I may not be able to use Photoshop and please don’t ask me to try and write html code, but inserting pictures into a blog post?  That I can do.

I used to think I was even fairly good at inserting a link into one of my blog posts.  That is, until WordPress went and changed the process.  Now whenever I try to link to something, I click the little chain link icon, enter the url of the site I’m linking to, hit the “update” button….and it asks if I’m sure I want to navigate away from this page.  Any and all changes I have made to the post are lost and my link?  Definitely not there.

What gives?  Is anyone else having this problem?  Should I just give up and never try to link to anyone or anything ever again?  Should I try a different browser?  (I use Firefox exclusively on my little netbook)  Should I stop whining about my little first world problems?  Should I let you all get on with your days and stop asking for help?  Any suggestions would be helpful.



It turns out that it is actually Firefox that is causing me all that grief with links.  And here I was thinking it was the superior browser for all of my internet needs.  WordPress acts all wonky when I use Safari and I haven’t downloaded Chrome yet (what?  I already said I’m a Firefox girl!) to see how WordPress acts over there, so I’m stuck using Internet Explorer when I need to link.  Ick.


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