Homeward bound

Well, we’re packing up all of the things we brought to New york with us and a few new things we picked up or received while here, and getting ready to face the 12-plus hour drive back to Indianapolis.  I had a great time out here and am not ready to go back home – especially since it’s freezing cold there!  Yesterday when it was 24 degrees for people standing in all of those crazy Black Friday lines, I was enjoying a nice 50-degree day here on Long Island.

I know Joe is going to miss his family like crazy.  His family may be huge (at least I think it is.  I come from a family that can fit every single member around one table at Thanksgiving.  There are a grand total of 14 people in my family.  Including everyone that married in.  There were over 30 people here on Thursday and probably another 30 weren’t able to make it.  Crazy), but they’re extremely close.  He loves living in Indiana and says he doesn’t want to move back to New York, but I know he hates being so far away from everyone.

I’m going to miss them, too.  For all I know they could be my in-laws someday.  They have welcomed me into their home and into the family and I am eternally grateful for that.

So as we pack up all of our loot and get ready to eat the last egg sandwiches of the trip, we look forward to seeing everyone again, either here or in Indianapolis where everyone is welcome at any time.

I’ll make them all Star Wars cookies with my new cookie cutters and silicone rolling pin.


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