Coffee, anyone?

My life the past week

This has been my life the past few days.  It’s all covered.  Well, except for the tissues I’ve been using to blow my nose.  I went and got myself a head cold the other day.  Sleeping with the humidifier is fun.

There are Christmas presents and the stuff to wrap them.  Cookie cutters to make pretty little designs to top my pecan pie with (thanks, Casey!), fruit I’ve been eating at work to try and stay healthy (yeah, right.  Thanks but no thanks, fruit), and school.  It’s always about school.  I have a final today.  That’s really why I’m up so stinkin’ early.

The good news is I finally registered for classes yesterday.  The bad news is my Advanced Taxation class was full.  I’m #3 on the waitlist.  I know those grad students don’t really want to take Advanced Tax.  Or the undergrads should realize how hard it’s going to be and drop out.  I want 3 classes this semester and 3 classes next.  These other people are harshing my mellow.

I better get back to studying.  Don’t want to fail this one.  It is my tax research class, after all…


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