wish list

At work on Sunday I was talking to my coworkers about Christmas.  How we needed to start shopping, what we were getting for whom, what we wanted to get, where on earth was the money for all of this shopping going to come from…

You know, the usual.

While we were talking, I realized I have quite a hefty wish list.  Things I’ve wanted for a long time but haven’t gotten for whatever reason.  It could be because I forget I want it until I need to use it or it’s WAY too expensive to buy at this point in my life or it can wait until later.  I was searching for the perfect paper on which to write this list (Hey.  We were slow.  Not much happens in a hospital in Indy when the Colts are on TV) when it occurred to me that I could write it online.  Imagine that.  Someplace I could direct potential gift buyers that I could also update as time goes by.

I’m a quick one, I tell ya.

So, here it is.

My Ultimate All-Time Kick-Ass Wish List:

  • A KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer in either Metallic Chrome or Onyx Black
  • A Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner
  • silpat to fit all of my cookie sheets
  • roul’pat
  • A rolling pin (so I don’t have to use a wine bottle anymore)
  • A Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart oval French oven
  • A Calphalon Unison nonstick sear pan
  • A Calphalon Unison nonstick slide pan
  • A flour sifter
  • A mini food processor
  • An oil mister (can’t find it online, but it is at Sur la Table and it’s purple which makes it even more awesome)
  • Knee high compression socks (I’m old.  But I want pretty ones so I don’t look old.)
  • About a million pairs of SmartWool socks
  • A Wii Fit
  • A new watch
  • The new Stephen King book (He always comes out with a new one right before Christmas.  That Stephen.  He’s a smart one.)
  • An oven thermometer
  • Nice looking organizer things for my kitchen drawers.  Really just a place to put my measuring spoons.  They’re all over the place.
  • A Canon DSLR camera with all the fun lenses
  • A gas cooktop stove
  • A double oven in the wall
  • The chefs at The Cheesecake Factory to come make me shrimp scampi sauce every day
  • A lifetime supply of Botox for my sweaty armpits
  • Smaller, perkier boobs
  • A thinner waist
  • Smaller thighs
  • Clearer, more radiant skin

That’s all I can think of right now.  I know you’re thinking, “How can there possibly be more?!” but remember, this is my all-time wish list.  Things I don’t dare ask for because they’re too expensive and things that I don’t ask for because who asks for a flour sifter for Christmas?  Well, I totally would, but now I don’t have to!  Because it’s right here!  On my wish list!

I know I’m not the only one out there that has an Ultimate All-Time Kick-Ass Wish List.  What do you have on yours?  Do you own something I have on my wish list that you love?  Or hate?  Tell me.  I want to know.  If only to ease my mind that I’m really not the only one who does this.


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