Joe vs. The Furnace

Our furnace decided not to work over the weekend.

Not so much of a problem because it’s been oh so warm here in the city of Indianapolis for the past week or so.

Yeah, right.  And I’m Oprah Winfrey.

In case you don’t live here (or you do and you’ve been living under a rock), it has NOT been warm.  Luckily it’s the beginning of the cold season and our house has good insulation, so it hasn’t gotten below about 67 degrees inside.  And we could just reset the furnace to make it work for a few hours.

I have been telling Joe (aka the Boy) for about six months that we need to replace the air filters in both the air conditioner and the furnace.  His response was always something like, “We have to watch our money.  We’ll do it when we’re in a better place financially.  Besides the guy came out in the fall and replaced everything then.”  I would argue and tell him that air filters are not that expensive and we still needed to replace them more often than once a year.

Enter the malfunctioning furnace.  We looked at the indicator light and read the accompanying translator sticker and it basically said that there was dust in some sensor.  My immediate response is “Change the air filter!” while Joe says “Let’s call the heater guy and have him come out and take a look at it.”

Ugh!  It’s obvious to me that we need to change the air filter.  Air filters filter dust and particles out of the air so they don’t clog up sensors that make your furnace work.  So I tell Joe I will call my dad and see what he says.

I call my dad.

He says to replace the air filter and vacuum out the A-coil.  Whatever that is.

“Joe, my dad says to replace the air filter and vacuum out the A-coil.”

“We’ll call the furnace guy out and see what he says.”

Are you freaking kidding me?!

I text my dad and tell him that Joe still wants to call the furnace guy.  Dad tells me he’ll come down (from Marion, which is a good hour away) and take a look at it.  Thinking that maybe Joe will listen if the advice actually comes to him from my father, I tell him that would be good and that I would be at work, but Joe will be there to let him in.

A few hours later I get a text from Joe.

“Your dad came and was here for about five minutes ….  He replaced the air filter ….  The furnace is working fine now.”

Imagine that.


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