It’s What I Did (or do)

This is not my first blog.  It is, however, the first blog of mine where I can feel free to write about whatever I choose to write about.  Without feeling guilty because it has nothing to do with why the blog was started in the first place.

When I first went back to school, I started a blog about being a non-traditional student.  I was an older student starting a new degree in a new school.  I didn’t know anyone on campus and my blog was a way for me to talk about what I was experiencing to anyone that would listen.

Last year I started a blog about my goal to run the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis. IN.  That went well for a while, but then I was sidelined with injuries and had to take care of the boy, who had surgery two days before the race.  Between that and life getting in the way, the training screeched to a halt and hasn’t gotten going since.

This blog is just about me.  My life.  The things I do.  The things I want to share with everyone and probably a few things I don’t.  The latter will probably be me just venting.  Or sharing just to get something out there that needs to be said.

With that said, welcome to my little place of the internet.  Please, make yourself comfortable.  Would you like anything to drink?  Maybe a little snack to munch on?

I’m just really glad you’re here.


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